Patient Information

Surgery at Pinnacle Specialty Hospital

Hospital doctor with patient Surgery is an important decision and a big event in one’s life. We know that, which is why, at Pinnacle Specialty Hospital, our goal is to make your surgery as uneventful for you as possible. Our professional and caring staff is here to answer your questions, explain what you should expect before and after your surgery, and do everything possible to ease your fears and make you comfortable.

Pinnacle Specialty Hospital surgeons are among the best anywhere. They are trained in the latest procedures and utilize the very best in technology and equipment. By utilizing a team approach, we bring the talents of respected medical specialists, subspecialists, nurses, and staff together to provide empathetic and professional care, which is individualized for each patient’s unique situation.

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Surgery Preparation – What to Do and Expect Before your Surgery

To ensure your surgery goes smoothly and to enhance the effectiveness of your recovery, we ask that you comply with the following instructions:

  1. Before Your Surgery
  2. Day of Your Surgery
  3. Your Surgery – What to Expect
  4. After Your Surgery

Post-Surgery Care and Pain Management

Make sure you follow the directions of your doctor and those that were covered by the nurse when you were discharged. You should have been given a follow-up appointment before you left the hospital. If not, please call us within a couple of days to schedule your follow-up visit. If you have a health concern that requires immediate attention, please call your doctor or go to the nearest emergency room.

You will experience some pain after your surgery and most likely you were given a prescription for pain medication. If you were not given a prescription for pain medication and you are in pain, please call us. The most important aspect of dealing with pain is to stay on top of it and manage it. If not, it may become unmanageable with your current pain prescription and require a trip to the doctor or the emergency room for stronger medication.